At G’s Angels there are plenty of ways to get involved. Wether its getting a shirt and participating in a recommended race  or becoming a member of the G’s Angels Society and using our educational and publishing programs is up to you. 

Please look at the description located in the products page. 

Yes we do.If there is any issue with the membership you have with GsAngels.com or you are discontent with one of our services or products please feel free to communicate with us immediately. 

Well you simply need to communicate with use expressing your interest. At this point we would put you through an interview process where you would have to present a resume and perform a live online interview. 

No. A writer that is published on GsAngels.com may be paid by G’s Angels but that would be strictly as a contractor and not as a salary paid employee.

This is a question that we are working on at the moment. Right now our President is in the process of putting together an educational program for High Schools. He would also like to be able to implement this program in middle schools as well but that would have to go through a series of approvals once the program is finished. 

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Let us be of further assistance. If we had your email on file we could help answer your questions by making sure you keep up with any adjustments to GsAngels.com 🙂 

Here at G’s Angels we are trying our best to make your online experience as smooth as possible. We hope you enjoy using this website as much as we enjoy it.

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